Expectations towards & Acceptance of Artificial Intelligence in Corporate Decision Makings.


I am currently conducting some research into corporate decision making, as referenced to the individual corporate decision maker, and the extent and perceived quality of data-driven decisions in the corporate decision making process.

In this (initial) research, it is of particular interest to understand the extend of corporate data-driven decision making. The initial part of the survey focuses on (1) type of corporate decisions made, (2) the availability of data used in the decision making, (3) the structure of such data, (4) the quality of such available data and so forth.

The second part of the Survey attempts to gauge human expectations towards and acceptance of artificial intelligence (A.I.) in corporate decision making as it relates to the individual decision maker and the overall corporate decision making process.

The (bold blue text) link below takes you to the Survey with 24 questions which should take less than 4 minutes (current average is 3 minutes 31 seconds);

“Perceived quality and acceptance of Human & Artificial Intelligence Augmentation in Corporate Decision Making.”

The survey results will be published in an essay I am currently writing on “Corporate Decision Making – The neuroscience of human decisions and the role that Artificial Intelligence may play” (working title!;-). Some of the thoughts and analysis will also appear here on this Blog … so stay tuned.

The impact of A.I. is widely discussed and reasonably understood in the context of consumerism, product development and the harder science (i.e., at least the “hows”, maybe not always the “whys”).

Little research work has been done on how Artificial Intelligence may shape businesses and their corporate decision making processes. Certainly, very little is known about the sentiment of management and executives towards A.I. in context of decision making and the possibility of augmenting such with A.I.-based insights. The impact of A.I. augmentation on the individual corporate decision maker, as well as for the business in its totality, is likely to be transformative.

So far I have collected survey data from 550+ executives and managers.

If you have taken the survey then very much appreciated and thanks (please don’t take it again;-). If you have not yet, please click the above link … it should not take more than maximum 4 minutes of your life.

I expect to publish the first results of this Survey by early October.