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Back in the early days of 2015, I kicked off several hardcore and “softer” initiatives in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning within Deutsche Telekom. On the hardcore front, I was particularly interested in zero-touch, zero-defect, and zero-complaints autonomous (3Z) networks, anomaly detection, and real Real Real-Time big data architectures (below 10 ms). Another softer but certainly not less important area, I also co-founded (within DTAG) a focus on responsible AI and digital ethics related to AI and the digital domain. I am very interested in how Artificial Intelligence may shape our immediate, near, and long-term future. Not so much in terms of consumerism and all that ado of autonomous cars and unsupervised dreams of digital cats. Much more so in understanding how AI will shape and change corporations, how corporate work will be transformed by artificial intelligence-based augmentation, and how decisions will ultimately be made in a corporate setting with a strong AI foundation. What strategic considerations does a business or corporation need to be making to prepare for AI? Opinions are, of course, my own.

I also recommend that you check out my Techneconomy Blog, which provides deep insights into technology, economics, and strategic considerations in the ICT and TMT industry.

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